Month: May 2014

How can I save on Smartphone plans?

Smartphones have become a way of life for most people today. I have even seen kids with smartphones. The new necessity according to most families. But are you really getting what you are paying for or are you paying to much? Many of the phone providers have usage plans that are not only confusing but leave you wondering if you really need the plan you’re paying for. And to be honest most of us are way over paying. Share...

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How can I prevent Identity Theft?

This article was recently written and posted by Transunion. How to Prevent Identity Theft Identity theft is a serious problem affecting more people every day. That’s why learning how to prevent it is so important. Knowing how to prevent identity theft makes your identity more secure. The more people who know how to prevent identity theft, the less inclined others may be to commit the crime. Preventing identity theft starts with managing your personal information carefully and sensibly. We recommend a few simple precautions to keep your personal information safe: Only carry essential documents with you. Not carrying extra...

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Can you Save Money on College?

5  Tips for Saving Money on College Tuition From: It’s no secret that college tuition is rising and college students are taking out more and more loans to cover the difference. Looking at that balance you owe after you collect your college degree, those numbers are both staggering and daunting. According to the Project on Student Debt, the average student loan debt just passed $25,000 in 2011. Twenty-five grand! Imagine what you could do instead with that amount: buy a car, put a down payment on a house, go on a luxurious trip around the world, and many more. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce college tuition costs during your four years at school. 1. Financial Aid and Scholarships Many colleges and universities offer financial assistance in the form of grants or scholarships to their students. In addition, there are also many outside scholarships you can apply for that can further reduce the balance of your student loans. Websites can match you up with scholarships that you are eligible for. 2. Go to Community College Attend your local community college for two years before transferring to a four-year university. Tuition costs at community colleges are MUCH lower than those at four-year schools. While attending community college, you can save additional money on rent and food by living at home. 3. Live at Home If you go to...

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Should I Refinance my Home?

Article written by: By Kira Botkin and posted on You’re probably already aware that a refinance can lower your monthly payment. However, a lower interest rate can also allow you to more quickly build up equity and pay off your loan balance. When you pay your mortgage each month, look at your statement carefully. Because your mortgage is amortized over a long period of time, typically 30 years, interest payments make up a significant chunk of the monthly payment, particularly during the first ten years of your loan. When you refinance your mortgage to a lower interest rate, the...

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Raise your Credit Score!

Article written by and Posted at How to repair my credit and improve my FICO credit score It’s important to note that repairing bad credit is a bit like losing weight: It takes time and there is no quick way to fix a credit score. In fact, out of all of the ways to improve a credit score, quick-fix efforts are the most likely to backfire, so beware of any advice that claims to improve your credit score fast. The best advice for rebuilding credit is to manage it responsibly over time. If you haven’t done that, then...

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