Month: May 2014

Buying Pre-owned vs. New Car

New or Used: What Should I Do? By Staff, Many car purchases start with one decision: New or used? It’s hard to remember a better time to buy either. There are plenty of good vehicles out there either way. In the end, the decision to buy new or used boils down to what you can afford and what will give you peace of mind. If you’re on a tight budget, then buying a used car gets you the most vehicle for the money. You can count on one hand the number of new cars that list for...

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Living Debt FREE!

5 Benefits of Living Debt-Free Aug 28, 2013 By MoneyTalksNews Living with credit card balances month after month, carrying a car loan for five or more years, resigning ourselves to long-term student debt and a lifetime of mortgage payments have become so common, it almost seems that’s how things are supposed to be. But what if we chose a different road? Though financial, personal and career factors can make the idea of “choice” seem novel or far-fetched, many people can change their spending patterns and start a journey toward a debt-free life. If you’re tired of dreading the walk...

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