Month: June 2014

Credit Repair and Nuptials—How to Accomplish Both

Posted By The face of marriage is changing in the U.S. A recent study published by the Census Bureau revealed that marriage rates fell by three percent between 2000 and 2010. While a drop from 57 to 54 percent may seem mild, the effects have been staggering in the real estate market, a defining factor in our economy. So, why are couples waiting to get married? Analysts cite financial hardship as the main culprit. Unemployment, rising costs and credit card debt are just a few of the reasons the newly-betrothed are delaying their happiness. If you are struggling with similar issues,...

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15 Tips for protecting your identity

15 must-know tips for protecting your identity By Dani Arthur At some point, we’ve all wished we could change places with someone else, preferably someone rich and famous. Guess what? There are plenty of people who’d love to be plain-old you, and they’ll go to great lengths to get their hands on your identity. More than half a million people find themselves victims of identity theft each year. If you’re an ID thief’s mark, you’ll likely face years of lost money and added frustration as you work to clean up the mess. The best protection is prevention. Here are...

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Saving Money on Groceries

Written and posted on the 15 Money-Saving Ways to Outsmart Your Supermarket 1. Don’t feel the need to fill your shopping cart. Shopping carts are getting larger because testing reveals that they encourage customers to buy more. Make a conscious effort to not fill an enormous cart, or grab a basket instead of a cart whenever possible. 2. Go beyond milk, bread, bananas and eggs when comparison shopping. These four items are the ones customers most commonly rely on to compare prices between stores, but you’ll have an easier time identifying deals if you make a longer list...

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