Banking Tips for 20 Somethings

When you hit your twenties and you're out on your own, either in college or in the job market, you suddenly realize that banking accounts are a lot more complicated than just putting money in and taking money

Saving Money on Groceries

Written and posted on the 15 Money-Saving Ways to Outsmart Your Supermarket 1. Don't feel the need to fill your shopping cart. Shopping carts are getting larger because testing reveals that they encourage customers to buy more. Make a conscious effort to...

Local Insurance Agent or Online Website?

I'm sure you've seen the advertisements either online or broadcast television encouraging you to go online and "simply" sign up for insurance.  But is that really the best option for you?  Are there advantages to working with a local agent? Find...

Find Out Which Funds are Best for Your 401(k)

The general philosophy that most people think about when investing in the stock market is to invest when it's "safe" and pull funds out when it doesn't look safe.  This "active" approach to investing isn't always the best for 401(k)

Learn the Basics of Investing

You don't have to have a finance degree to start investing.  Investing can be key to taking control of your financial future and security.  Find out what you need to learn to start

15 Tips for protecting your identity

15 must-know tips for protecting your identity By Dani Arthur At some point, we've all wished we could change places with someone else, preferably someone rich and famous. Guess what? There are plenty of people who'd love to be plain-old you, and they'll...


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